4K Video Format


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January 3, 2014:
YouTube Adds 4K Capability.


Digital Cinema Quality:

Digital Cinema quality in your living room may make it possible to stream all those snooty operas and live TV shows.

What is the 4K Format?

4,000 lines of resolution quarduples standard 1080P HDTV

4K VideoIn a stunning development for early 2014, Google's YouTube is pushing Ultra-HD 4k Videos. The question for internet users is whether this streaming format will clog up the tubes on the Internet given that there are four times as many pixels in this standard as HD streaming. The vivid, rich, and colorful 4K standard means that looking out a windo will seem low-resolution by comparison. Google s VP9 codec may gain "first to market" rights that define how other people use streaming formats for 4K in the future, giving the search engine giant a clear advantage in the video wars. Formats like H.264 and H.265 are not royalty-free and this means that software developers have to pay somebody when they use it to embed code into video editing and rendering programs. Google's launch is said to take place before June 17, 2014. For videophiles, the switch may necessitate the purchase of faster phones, TVs, Tablets, and other devices that can handle the crush of data that comes even with a compressed Ultra-HD format.

The 4K Video Format is a next generation standard for rendering very high quality HD video for digital cinema applications. Essentially, this format is twice as powerful as the current 2K format in digital cinemas today. The advantage of 4k, aside from the even crisper detail, is that it can offer better fast-action and larger projection surface visibility. Even though it is available as a format for media players, they would requre ultra-high bandwidth in order to present data, so standard users may not be getting this kind of quality until such time as broadband speeds are greater than Blu-Ray DVD output. CODECs like VP9 also promise to cut the download times for regular HD video, which means that buffering issues could become a thing of the past, unless you are still getting your Internet on the dial-up.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: 4K Video Format is fairly new and may not be necessary for the average user, but news did come out that YouTube has a standard for it, so someone must be getting ready to show high definition video on large billboards..